Murray & Iszkula Orthodontics

Amazing!! The atmosphere as soon as you walk in is happy. The staff are a group of the most polite people ever. They are timely and kind and informative. Any questions I had they answered they ask you questions they make sure you're ok with the braces and doing well. They have great things for children all around. It's a great to be experiencing this with Iszkula Orthodontist!!!!

Erie, PA

Murray & Iszkula Orthodontics is the best! They were always on time with appointments, and their staff was always friendly. Plus, in the end, I was extremely happy with my teeth and how they turned out. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for orthodontic care.

Erie, PA

My daughter loves coming to your office! It lets her feel very independent in her care and appointments. She checks in, by herself, with minimal assistance from me. She loves that the office staff makes it, all about her. She loves to spin the prize wheel, and of course the slush puppy machine in the summer time. I love the office. Great staff, great atmosphere. And, who couldn't love Dr. Steve? He's the best!

Erie, PA

Murray & Iszkula Orthodontics is a great place to get your smile looking great. They are very very kid friendly and even have a great little area for kids to play while waiting for an appointment or even waiting for someone else to finish their appointment as well. I would say though they are probably the best place to go if looking to get a healthy smile. Even in the winter time, they gave out fresh and warm hot chocolate. It was the best and thy even have coffee for the parents to wait, but the truth is it usually only takes me 10-15 minutes to my appointments they are way faster than most orthodontic places so go to Murray & Iszkula Orthodontics!

Erie, PA

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