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Be Candy Careful While in Braces :}

Be Candy Careful While in Braces :}

Posted on April 15th, 2019 at 2:08 PM

Spring is in the air!!! ....well it was for awhile anyway- hopefully that sunshine will make an appearance again soon ;)  It is this time of year that we see a lot of jelly beans and robins eggs on the shelves in stores...and a lot of egg hunts advertised...and if you celebrate Easter sometimes a bunny will hop along and leave some goodies :)  Please use caution while eating any candy.  If wearing any fixed orthodontic appliance (anything that is glued in that cannot be removed) you want to steer clear of any chewy or sticky foods- that could break off a brace.  Even if all the braces stayed glued on it could weaken the adhesive.  There are some spring treats that are ok to eat with Orthodontics- like milk chocolate or peanut butter eggs :)

If anything does feel loose or broken please contact our office to schedule a repair: 814-833-5322.  Although accidents do don't want more than a couple broken braces because it could prolong your orthodontic treatment.

Have a happy, happy spring!!!  Thank you for choosing us- we truly appreciate you.